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You spent a year getting your web site on to Google and then you have it all redesigned. Now all the links and back links to your site in Google and all the other sites you have linked to come up with "Page Can Not Be Displayed". This is because the structure and page names have changed. IIS-Redirect will solve this problem and redirect the invalid page links to the correct page. It will also capture all the requests from the internet that are pointing to an invalid page and display them so that you can redirect these to the correct pages. IIS Redirect will capture web server error 404 and allow you to redirect it to the home page, or any page on the current web site or an external website. It will also record the in coming requests that cause the 404 error to allow you to see what is being requested. This allows the requests to be redirected to the correct page.The Error 404 "Page not found" is the error page displayed whenever someone asks for a page that’s simply not available on your site. The reason for this is that there may be a link on your site that was wrong or the page might have been recently removed from the site. As there is no web page to display, the web server sends a page that simply says "404 Page not found". The 404 error message is an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) standard status code. This "Not Found" response code indicates that although the client could communicate to the server, the server could not find what was requested or it was configured not to fulfil the request.The 404 "Not Found" error is not the same as the "Server Not Found" error which you see whenever a connection to the destination server could not be established at all. IIS-Redirect is made up of two programs. The PC application that allows you to edit and view the server response and a server side ISAPI Dll that controls the server response. The server side ISAPI is a dll that is loaded into memory when IIS starts up. It is more efficient than a normal CGI program, as a CGI program is loaded each time the web page is called and released when the web page has been delivered. ISAPI extensions are true applications that run on IIS and have access to all of the functionality provided by IIS. As an example of how powerful ISAPI extensions can be, ASP pages are processed through an ISAPI extension called ASP.dll. In general, clients can access ISAPI extensions the same way they access a static HTML file or dynamic ASP file.ISAPI extensions are implemented as DLLs that are loaded into a process that is controlled by IIS. Like ASP and HTML pages, IIS uses the virtual location of the DLL file in the file system to map the ISAPI extension into the URL namespace that is served by IIS.IIS Redirect allows the non-technical manage the redirects with out having to go to IT professionals.


An ISAPI extension runs when requested just like any other static HTML file or dynamic ASP file. Since ISAPI applications are compiled code, they are processed much faster than ASP files or files that call COM+ components. Failing incoming requests i.e 404 errors are recorded and stored in memory. IIS-Redirect will store 1000 unique 404 errors which can be downloaded to the IIS-Redirect PC application. Once 1000 records are created the latest requests are stored replacing the oldest request. The IIS-Redirect will handle any amount of requests as it is a true multi-threaded program.Updates from IIS Redirect can be sent via HTTP transfer on windows servers 2003 and greater. If you are using windows 2000 updates are sent via FTP. This is a selectable option.Incoming web requests are directly matched against a lookup table which is held in memory. So any incoming request can be redirected to any other internal or external web page or you could redirect a HTTP request to a FTP site or a HTTPS site. The amount of stored request that can be redirected are limited only by server memory. IIS Redirect has been tested with over 2000 unique redirects.Microsoft IIS does have its own redirect system. However this application once installed is to allow non-technical people to control the redirects of the site. This removes the need to keep involving your IT staff. It also makes it more visible what 404 errors people are receiving. The ISAPI Dll will run on MS servers 2000 and later also XP upwards. IIS Redirect allows the non-technical manage the redirects without having to go to IT professionals.

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